Spillin’The Tea…


I know most of You are asking the question “ Why Did She Move To Newport???”

I’ll put everyone’s mind at ease...  I didn’t lose my mind!!!

NEWPORT showed up on my radar about 25 Years Ago; after my BFF, Susan Oliver suggested I come up & try it out...  Susan, grew up in Newport!!!

You see, I was doing the Hamptons thing with my friends from the city; during my summers… We (4 of us) would rent a house in East Hampton & would race off on Thursday evenings on the LIE; spending waaay too much time in traffic & ended up spending the weekends socializing with mostly everyone I knew from the city...

After listening to me complain about my frustration with the commute to Long Island; Susan said, “Come Up To Newport”...

“NEWPORT”, I screamed...

“What Am I Gonna Do There???”  And she calmly responded, “Just Come Up”

So, I boarded an Amtrak train out of Penn Station headed to Kingston, RI & 3 hours later; after seeing these sweet seaside towns along the Connecticut Coast I arrived in Rhode Island!!!

My ride into Newport was breathtaking!!! Seeing Narragansett Bay; Driving over the Jamestown & Newport Bridges...  I was already lovin’ IT!!!

Then my BFFs ( Susan Oliver & Jimi Franco) took me on the scenic ride into town & my mouth fell wide open; I was stunned at the sight of one beautiful structure after another!!!  Saw Jackie O’s Childhood Home... The Church where she & John got married... There was one historic site after another!!!

I landed in a pretty, historic preserved town. 

Newport’s history is so rich; but unless you visit, you won’t realize what you’ve missed...

This is stuff not taught to us in our history classes.

I was blessed to have a “Walking Encyclopedia” as my tour guide.  Jimi Franco knows everything you would want to know about Newport & more...

To know that I would wake up & discover a magnificent moment in history on a daily basis; while indulging in the splendor of “The City By The Sea” was a dream; but I was living it, each time I visited!!!

The Hamptons were in my rear view mirror... I would pop in to that scene, for a party or two that shouldn’t be missed; But, NEWPORT was where I was spending “quality time”!!!

I dubbed it the more “Grown Up Hamptons” After all this was “America’s First Resort”.

This became my “go to” getaway; whenever I spent my winters  in NYC; The Summers were spent in Newport. I brought the “special” people here  with me on vacay... The special boyfriends (one ended up being my husband); My Special BFFs from the city; My Brother & his Wife; And, of course MY SON!!!

I finally, brought my Mom up last year ( which you’ll hear more about in the BLOG).


The images you’ll see here; were shot at The Elms - A Newport Mansion.  It’s my most FAVE of all the Mansions... And, they’re all quite stunning; but there’s something very special that resonates with me about The Elms!!!


Maybe, the fact that it’s modeled after a mid-18th Century French Chateau or the elaborate, classical, revival gardens on the grounds...  I know, I feel very “AT HOME” here!!! The Gardens are IMPECCABLE!!!

So, As I sit & I sip tea in the gardens... I felt it’s the proper place to open up about “My Love Affair” with NEWPORT, RI!!!


I will Be chronicling What My 1st year was like; transitioning from Big City to Small Town...

My discoveries along the way...

Why this town is so “SPECIAL”…

Stop By & Let’s Have TEA Sometime... ☕️



Shot At The Elms, A Newport Mansion.


Sandee Saunders