Francesca Belluomini is a quick-witted fashion veteran and an unapologetic style savant. With her book The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style she created the tools for every woman to achieve the Italian way of putting things together with elegant nonchalance.  Francesca is now on the faculty of Johnson & Wales University as an adjunct professor in fashion sustainability. 

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ISOUDE Creative Director & Founder Kate Brierley

ISOUDE embodies a thoughtful approach to luxury. Our goal is to demonstrate that very fine things can be made in an ethical and mindful manner. We continually seek out gifted artisans and extraordinary craftspeople to seamlessly integrate their work into our collections.


The collections are designed with a long term view, that the pieces should be modern, relevant but not too tied to fashion trends.  This is slow fashion, we take our time to make things correctly for our clients; the fabrics are of excellent quality, and we adjust the patterns as our clients need; this approach results in pieces that last."


 The ISOUDE collection, created by Kate Brierley, grew from a loyal private clientele and has grown via word of mouth. ISOUDE pieces were twice inducted into the permanent collection at the Museum at FIT. Kate’s work is described by the curatorial staff as “a return to fine craft and artistry in a world of mass production.” The ISOUDE atelier in Newport, RI is called “incredibly chic” by’s THE SCENE.  Kate Brierley is educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Rhode Island School of Design and the Haute Couture House of Chado Ralph Rucci.   

ISOUDE offers two collections a year as well as a made to order and wardrobe programs for clients.  The collection travels nationally for trunk shows and private appointments with personal shoppers and clients in the major cities.

All ISOUDE pieces are crafted in the United States, and in 2015 the team opened a creative studio in Fall River, MA with a vision to create an ISOUDE institute to further develop the crafts used in the collection. 

Sandee Saunders

As a FEATURED SEGMENT of The Blog… We will Shine The SPOTLIGHT on A Specific Person or Organization that has made an IMPACT on me!!! This Month’s Spotlight is on our Talented Designers/Artists who are being Showcased In our FUSION POP UP SHOP at The Newport Art Museum.


Esteban Cortazar          

Esteban Cortazar



Spillin’The Tea…


I know most of You are asking the question “ Why Did She Move To Newport???”

I’ll put everyone’s mind at ease...  I didn’t lose my mind!!!

NEWPORT showed up on my radar about 25 Years Ago; after my BFF, Susan Oliver suggested I come up & try it out...  Susan, grew up in Newport!!!

You see, I was doing the Hamptons thing with my friends from the city; during my summers… We (4 of us) would rent a house in East Hampton & would race off on Thursday evenings on the LIE; spending waaay too much time in traffic & ended up spending the weekends socializing with mostly everyone I knew from the city...

After listening to me complain about my frustration with the commute to Long Island; Susan said, “Come Up To Newport”...

“NEWPORT”, I screamed...

“What Am I Gonna Do There???”  And she calmly responded, “Just Come Up”

So, I boarded an Amtrak train out of Penn Station headed to Kingston, RI & 3 hours later; after seeing these sweet seaside towns along the Connecticut Coast I arrived in Rhode Island!!!

My ride into Newport was breathtaking!!! Seeing Narragansett Bay; Driving over the Jamestown & Newport Bridges...  I was already lovin’ IT!!!

Then my BFFs ( Susan Oliver & Jimi Franco) took me on the scenic ride into town & my mouth fell wide open; I was stunned at the sight of one beautiful structure after another!!!  Saw Jackie O’s Childhood Home... The Church where she & John got married... There was one historic site after another!!!

I landed in a pretty, historic preserved town. 

Newport’s history is so rich; but unless you visit, you won’t realize what you’ve missed...

This is stuff not taught to us in our history classes.

I was blessed to have a “Walking Encyclopedia” as my tour guide.  Jimi Franco knows everything you would want to know about Newport & more...

To know that I would wake up & discover a magnificent moment in history on a daily basis; while indulging in the splendor of “The City By The Sea” was a dream; but I was living it, each time I visited!!!

The Hamptons were in my rear view mirror... I would pop in to that scene, for a party or two that shouldn’t be missed; But, NEWPORT was where I was spending “quality time”!!!

I dubbed it the more “Grown Up Hamptons” After all this was “America’s First Resort”.

This became my “go to” getaway; whenever I spent my winters  in NYC; The Summers were spent in Newport. I brought the “special” people here  with me on vacay... The special boyfriends (one ended up being my husband); My Special BFFs from the city; My Brother & his Wife; And, of course MY SON!!!

I finally, brought my Mom up last year ( which you’ll hear more about in the BLOG).


The images you’ll see here; were shot at The Elms - A Newport Mansion.  It’s my most FAVE of all the Mansions... And, they’re all quite stunning; but there’s something very special that resonates with me about The Elms!!!


Maybe, the fact that it’s modeled after a mid-18th Century French Chateau or the elaborate, classical, revival gardens on the grounds...  I know, I feel very “AT HOME” here!!! The Gardens are IMPECCABLE!!!

So, As I sit & I sip tea in the gardens... I felt it’s the proper place to open up about “My Love Affair” with NEWPORT, RI!!!


I will Be chronicling What My 1st year was like; transitioning from Big City to Small Town...

My discoveries along the way...

Why this town is so “SPECIAL”…

Stop By & Let’s Have TEA Sometime... ☕️



Shot At The Elms, A Newport Mansion.

Sandee Saunders
The Start Of A New One...
Shot at The Gilded

Shot at The Gilded

It’s 11:11PM on 11/11/18 and I felt it’s  the appropriate time to finally launch 


It’s been months in the making, but here we are...  It’s finally lift off!!!

A year and four months ago I made the BOLD decision to move out of NYC & set up home in Newport, Rhode Island!!!

After a month of living in this quaint & preserved town; I thought writing “A Blog” would be a fantastic way of showing my followers, the beauty of which I’ve immersed myself in and let them into my world as newly inducted New Englander!!!

Well, nothing happens before the time... 

Join me as I navigate what it’s like to be A Single Parent, New York Fashionista finding her way through Newport, RI!!!

See It Through My Eyes!!!

SandeeGLAM  November 11, 2018


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